How the PTA Helps!

The PTA makes a huge difference in our kid's lives.  Here are all the events the PTA sponsors, hosts, and directly funds:

  • Fun Fest and Fun Run - an annual event where children obtain pledges/donations to the school's PTA to support the PTA, the event, and the fun run.  The fun run is where the kids run or walk laps around the playground to officially earn their pledge.  It promotes health and fitness and gives the kids a chance to get outside and have fun.  The fun fest is the PTA's largest event and fund raiser.  It hosts the prize giveaway, the announcement of the change challenge, bounce houses, cake walk, pie toss (yes, teachers get pies thrown in their face), and many more fun games.
  • Family Fun Night - A fun event for the entire family hosted completely by the PTA.  Typically ice skating, pizza and pop, and a silent auction, families get a chance to have fun with their kids and mingle with other parents and families.
  • Camp Night - an annual event where students camp in the Glengary backyard.  Bounce houses, games, a scavenger hunt, an outdoor movie, breakfast the next morning, and more are all sponsored by the PTA.
  • Field Trips - The buses, additional staff, and the cost of the field trip are all subsidized by the PTA.  Though field trips still cost parents something, a big part of the cost is paid by the PTA.
  • Assemblies - you took these events for granted as a child, but assemblies have a cost.  A typical assembly usually runs about $1,000 to pay the presenter and coordinate all the necessary resources.
  • Staff Grants - The PTA gives $100 to each teacher to buy much needed supplies, especially critical with all the recent budget cuts.
  • School Enhancements - Digital smart boards, interactive learning devices and tablets, classroom sound amplification system, and more.